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At 8020 we understand the need for organizations to continuously empower their employees with new skills, enhance their knowledge levels and provide them with differentiated expertise to remain productive. 8020 offers high quality, specialized in-house training programmes for organizations looking to quickly ramp up their teams capabilities. We offer a range of courses and workshops across both various digital disciplines, customized to organizational needs and budget.

Why Invest in Training

  • Retain your best and brightest talent.

  • Use the knowledge and expertise from our programmes to stay ahead of the market.

  • Ignite disruptive thinking amongst key employees to come up with breakthrough ideas.

  • Use training as an acquisition tool for both new employees and business

  • Foster better team interaction breakdown hierarchies through training initiatives

Our Approach to Training
and Development

Our Approach to Training and Development

Jointly identifying and finalizing training objectives to ensure that training content is highly relevant and fit the needs and expectations of individuals and organizations, prior to training sessions.

Individual Audit:Here we ask all participants to fill up a detailed questionnaire indicating the level of understanding of digital marketing principles, prior work experience if any along with course expectations this information allows us to develop and refine content based on the average student profile attending our programme.

Company Audit:Level 2 of our process is to ensure that the course content and structure aligns with your organizations objectives and goals we look at various factors like industry verticals, immediate challenges, past successes and failures all of this is done to ensure that we remain as relevant as possible and deliver practical solutions needed most.

Pre-session Check:This is step 3 in our process where we run a top level check of the course material with the management team responsible for training roll out to ensure that we are completely in synch with key objectives laid down by the organization and align with their expectations prior to the start of any training initiative.

Workshop Customization

Our course content is customized to fit the academic and experience profiles of each participant so that they come out more knowledgeable and empowered to immediately plan and roll out the ideas discussed at the workshop.

The sessions act as a platform for pre sound boarding ideas in a collective and collaborative way thus helping organizations reduce internal resource and time.

Content and Material Rights

We pride ourselves through the quality of our content, which is why a lot of it is proprietary i.e. not for distribution and circulation.

The content developed comes from a variety of sources paid for reports,, published white papers, online research conducted by our team and content partners as well as personal experience on projects done.

Training Preparation Timing

We request for a minimum of 6 - 8 weeks of preparation time for programme development and training roll out.

Training Feedback

Feedback is viewed as the breakfast of champions. An anonymous online survey will be used to collect feedback from all the training programme participants. Results will be collated and reported back to management.

The survey will probe:

  • Rating of training value
  • Rating of training content
  • Rating of training experience
  • How the training has influenced knowledge levels and attitudes about digital communications
  • Topics most enjoyed
  • Topics least enjoyed
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Suggestions for future digital communications training topics

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