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From creating personas, mapping the doctors brand evaluation journey, creating content, generating MQLs, managing social handles, building deeper relationships to finding the most accurate databases - we help Pharma Companies, Hospitals and the Health care industry use an omni channel approach to influence TG and drive business outcomes and ROI.

Hard to come by Databases

Having access to the most accurate & credible databases can often be the difference between success and failure in Healthcare & Pharma Marketing.

Over the years via partnerships and associations, we have created a valid and accurate bank of audience databases in the Healthcare sector from Doctors, HOD's, Faculty Deans, CEO's to brand managers in various Pharma companies.

Using these databases we have been able to generate marketing qualified leads and sales conversions for various brands we work with.

We also used these databases to retarget the same audience via Facebook and LinkedIn as part of the custom audience retargeting feature and effectively carry forward end to end messaging based on the consumer journey. This helped yield better results overall.

Relationships Matter

Given today's highly transactional world, it helps to build empathy and forge a deeper connect with audiences. Especially, in the health care sector where time comes at a premium - Doctors and health professionals are by far the busiest people on the planet and suffer from a huge attention deficit. Therefore, to be able to drive meaningful conversations it's crucial to build a long term relationship and invest in creating emotional value.

At 8020 we understand the true meaning of relationship & community marketing from the vast experience our team has of having managed large scale relationship marketing projects for both health and non - health brands.

For Wolters Kluwer, we have created a unique relationship programme called "Knowledge Masters" aimed at Librarians - who are most often the gatekeepers to decisions taken by health institutions for buying journals and software medical teaching and consulting platforms.

Unleashing the power of one: Account Based Marketing

Decision making in any organization is highly complex and involves many stakeholders with varied interests. To ensure that each stakeholder's interests are understood and catered to - the task is to then develop personas for each audience and to create highly personalized and relevant messaging built around the TG's interest and consideration.

Finding the right channel mix to connect with each stakeholder during the decision-making journey is the second key task. At Wolters Kluwer we were able to break down the complex decision-making unit in a Hospital by looking at each stakeholder as a persona - profiling each group based on their personality, motivation, fears, pain-points and preferences.

Then targeting them with different messages and incentives to nudge them towards building up a strong rationale to purchase UpToDate an evidence-based research platform.

When each audience segment is seen as a unique cohort then messaging and targeting are based on individual problem statements which in turn result in better communication efficacy and a higher return on investment.

Word of Mouth a.k.a Referral

No matter how much more effectively we are able to target audiences and personalize messaging using technology and automation - nothing finally compares to the written or spoken testimony given by another product user - the credibility and authenticity of another user outsells traditional advertising many times over.

We helped "Wolters Kluwer" find interesting ways to capture positive sentiment and experience about the brand and product via short consumer stories and testimonials. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences was one such example of a highly satisfied user for UpToDate an evidence-based research platform from Wolters Kluwer.

WOM sounds old fashioned but is still an extremely powerful strategy that can influence prospects to and move down the purchase funnel towards consideration and trial.

Good Old Fashioned Direct Mail

In a world that's gone completely mobile and digital - there still seems to be place for good old fashioned direct mail. We found out whilst working on several projects in the health care sector - that Doctors, in particular, don't have the time nor the patience to evaluate products when targeted only via social media, or email or other digital touchpoints. So, we decided to see if they would respond to customized direct mail and voila it seems they do have time to interact and engage with communication that is custom-built and hand-delivered to them.

Here's an example of what we did for Wolters Kluwer to effectively sell the story about "UpToDate" an evidence-based research platform that holds the key to higher productivity and better patient outcomes. Of course, the DM pack was followed through by a series of gentle reminders via email and call out from their outbound call center to close the loop.

There was a 3X improvement reported in consumer interest based on this omnichannel approach to engaging the medical fraternity. Sometimes, it does pay to mix things up and use a highly personalized and customized approach to build awareness and consideration for a brand.

Digital Engagement @ Events

Given the plethora of events happening today - it's difficult to ensure both footfall and engagement at an event.

Success of an event is often written out way before D Day. Building up awareness and creating a sense of anticipation is extremely important to ensure participation and registration. Using a contact programme approach from event awareness to consideration and finally participation means creating multiple messages which build up the core reason for attending the event.

For Wolters Kluwer we use multiple channels to target desired attendees to register for events - via LinkedIn, email and SMS. This "Drip" or countdown approach ensures that the audience has enough time to evaluate the need to attend and by a series of communications get them to register.

Once and attendee registers our role is then to find interesting way to build engagement at the event via interactive or gamified communication interventions. We've helped Wolters Kluwer and Apollo Hospital drive higher participation and engagement using the drip method.

Generating Marketing Qualified Leads or MQLs

MQLs a.k.a Marketing Qualified Leads is the holy grail for most businesses using "digital marketing" to generate quality leads. Whilst on the surface it seems relatively easy - there's a lot of strategies, process, channel selection & messaging optimisation needed to actually get the best quality leads from any campaign.

At 8020 for Wolters Kluwer and Apollo Hospitals, we use a marketing funnel approach to build the demand pipeline and deliver MQLs. This starts with a deep understanding of the overall marketing and business objectives, the core proposition, key messaging and then finally the most relevant touchpoints needed to target the right audience.

Post generating leads we work closely with teams to ensure the right follow-through via reminder SMS or a call out. In many cases, we even assist in scripting & training of call center personnel to ensure that synergy between messaging online and tele calling.

Delivering 3X ROI via eMail Marketing

In most cases eMail is often considered an add on channel to the overall mix - not so with us. As an agency, we still believe in the power of email when it comes to delivering impact and ROI. eMail when done right can still deliver outstanding results at the lowest CPL. Having said that eMail Marketing has to be done strategically using a best practice approach.

There's no doubt that there's an overwhelming amount of content thrown at us 24X7 and to be able to get someone's attention is a humongous task. Therefore, right from subject line testing to core messaging one needs to ensure that content is written and designed in a way that it immediately hones in on the core proposition, is relevant and offers value to the end consumer.

This is super critical in our experience when dealing with the Healthcare vertical where heads of department, college deans and doctors are hugely short on time and are constantly inundated with messages. The only way to make email marketing deliver 3X level results to incorporate best practices and constantly test and innovate.

Brand storytelling in Pharma & Healthcare

Every brand has a story to tell. In our case for our client Wolters Kluwer the opportunity presented itself in a slightly different context. Find a story that would connect with the most unusual audience - a librarian. Here, we needed to find a way to build a strong connect with an audience that is seldom targeted from a marketing communications standpoint.

In the healthcare business and more importantly for Wolters Kluwer - a Librarian is an extremely important influencer in the decision-making process. His word is often seen as the gospel truth and is endorsed without challenge when it comes it deciding on which journals or platforms are best suited for students.

The only challenge was whilst we were clear on how important a Librarian is in the overall scheme of things - we had to find a storyline that would resonate with the Librarian. Based on some intuition and insight we found that what was deeply lacking in the Librarian's world was status and stature to how he and often the world perceives his job.

So we decide to develop a strong emotional narrative that re-affirmed the role of a Librarian in shaping a student into a Doctor via the books and journals they read in a library. The outcome was a Direct Mail pack and 45-sec film that helped join the dots and make for a fabulous piece of storytelling.

Leveraging the power of LinkedIn

We all know that when one is looking to target professionals - there's no better platform than LinkedIn. Most professionals today have a profile on LinkedIn that is up to date and has info on education, designation, and interests - all very important when it comes to media selection and targeting.

The flip side is that LinkedIn is also an extremely expensive platform to use making the overall return on investment unviable sometimes.

We found that using a combination of LinkedIn properties delivers the best performance - In Mail, Sponsored ads and custom targeting helped our client Wolters Kluwer target Doctors, Deans and Pharma brand managers to consider and trail products.
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